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Default Re: 2015 Ford F-100....?

Hey gcextreme, show me one single post anywhere on this entire forum with this exact link posted in it for discussion....oh wait a second, there isn't. Do me a favor and go suck a bag of dicks!! You want to talk about beating a dead horse, 50% of the posts on this forum are "will these tires fit?" "can I make my gas mileage better" I'm sorry for trying to bring in fresh links and discussions to this forum. Most people on here would rather bicker than discuss any topics of importance or interest.

Lone-ranger, I also think that it looks very similar to the current f-150 from what we can see under the camo. However ford is getting pretty smart with testing certain elements of new vehicles on existing platforms. For example there are pictures of a 2013 mustang body, with a new platform clearly underneath. Maybe this is ford testing new rear ends and differentials, new power plants? Who knows. However I find any new truck very exciting to speculate over. I appreciate your point of view.
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