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my airbags deployed a few years ago, and i am just not getting around to having them replaced. I was gonna do it myself, but i want to make sure it was done right. as far as installing new bags, it is easy. the driver side bag is just two small screws. I didnt want to do that though cuz i wanted to make sure i didnt get an accidential deployment due to a bad sensor or module. I found a mechanic who has the equipment to analyze the system, and I am gonna get him to do it for me. He said bags from another truck will be ok, but you gotta get the module too. I paid $200 for the bags and module from the junk yard, and i am getting the guy to do it for me for about $200, depending on which sensors, if any, also need to be replaced. I think I am getting a great deal on this compared to the thousands it would cost at a dealership. This guy worked as a ford tech for 20 years so i am gonna take his word for it. And i am happy to know he can scan the system and actually see what is going on with it rather than me doing it and hoping the things dont deploy for no reason.

BTW, if your airbag light is on, it means the system needs attention. I learned this the hard way. In the middle of rush hour traffic. Going about 2mph.
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