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Default Re: FRF Afterhours

LOL yeah. Only he's a bit more extreem than I want. He's got 38's on there and I have no clue as to the lift LOL.

I only wanna do a 6" spring lift and 35's. I've decided that's my plan. So, I'll probably be able to do it next tax season, unless I get the chance before then.

Meanwhile, I'll just stick to cheaper simple stuff.
2000 Ranger Etx cab XLT 4.0L Auto trans. Currently I've got my 60/40 cut down into buckets, and a cheap walmart console to fill the gap. Working on gathering parts, paint, vynals, and such for the rest of the build LOL. I use this as an everyday truck, but it's also the only truck I have for hunting and general off road fun. Hoping to make it much better than stock!
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