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Default Anti Theft preventing 95 ranger from firing up

Hello. I have had problems with this constantly. The clifford anti theft alarm is preventing my truck from firing up. Power goes into it and it starts to fire up but it wont crank over. I used to have to turn the alarm on and off constantly and mess with the lock for a few minutes before trying to start it again. That always seemed to work. Now it won't fire up at all and the light keeps blinking when I try.

They key is not a PAT key. It does not need one. It never has. A key cutter charged me 100 and told me it wouldn't need one. And I have had four separate keys all chipless that had no problems starting the truck.

Country: Canada
Make: Ford
Model: Ford Ranger Extended Cab.
Year: 1995
Engine: V6

Already tried: Locking and unlocking the door. Locking the door, setting the alarm off. Turning alarm off and starting the ignition. Turning alarm off and on constantly and trying the ignition again. (These tricks all used to work before)

Need truck to get to work. Please help.
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