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Default Re: SNOWMOBILE thread!!!!

Originally Posted by pikeapn View Post
They ain't cheap. Thats why I've never had anything other than vintage sleds. You need to have 3 or 4 of 'em, that way at least one should be running!
yeah my old ride was a 1983 motoski. 340 fan i believe it was. still have it, and it still fires up, but its so beat up. two seasons ago i was in some deep stuff with it (well, deep for that sled) and she started throwing sparks. not sure from where, but the underside of the hood is all black, and there were flames at one point shooting out of the hood louvers. was interesting to say the least lmao.

wanted something more reliable i could count on to get me home after a 200 mile ride, and i wanted something that wouldnt get stuck in 2 foot of snow. so i got my beast, and been loving every second of it. even though it still only has 250 miles on it. still brand new.
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