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Default Re: 265/70R16 vs. 265/75R16. Pics???

Originally Posted by JTbeast View Post
I can pull 17-18 mixed city/highway driving. And that's with a pretty heavy foot.
Traffic killed my in town. Houston was 2 hours to drive 15 minutes on a clear road.

Even with the 38.5's on mine now which are in the 100lbs a pop per tire range with 35-40lb rims I am still able to get 16MPG mixed in south dakota which is mostly highway. I also have a bit of a heavy foot. Mind you this truck is now in the 5400lb range with my normal load of a spare and two people. That's over the GVWR of a 4.0L 4x4 so not very many other trucks will ever haul that much in normal day to day. If I were back at stock weight and still properly geared I would bet money the truck could still pull off 18-20MPG. Tires make a difference, but the actual driver makes a bigger one.
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