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Default Re: Your Gun Pics, Post Em Up!

Like i said earlier i trust my guns with my life. Thats why i choose glock
I was going to post a pic here, but one pic doesn't quite do justice to the comment above. Instead I'll just remind you guys that typing GLOCK into google will reveal that "GLOCK KABOOM" is the third most popular search on google that starts with the word GLOCK. ...because I trust my guns with my life, that's rich.
I wouldn't even bother to point it out if that wasn't such a ridiculous macho one liner of a response.

what style pistol has the sides of the slide cut out so you can see the barrel?
Hmmm I think the one I'm thinking of may be cut down farther, but I could be mistaken. Looks different than what I'm thinking of.
Taurus has a .22lr pocket pistol that has an exposed barrel. If this isn't it maybe you can share more details and I can help you track it down?

Also... just to get this moving in the right direction. I thought I posted these before, but what the hell.

TAURUS PT92, 9mm, my EDC.

Above is with 5x20rnd mags.



9mm, toolbox gun.
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