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im assuming you mean your manual stick, but a far as I know the only options that are bolt on non custom applications are the hurst shifter and the fx4 level 2 shifter. im like 99 percent sure thats your only options besides something custom made. iv e researched it for my 06 4.0 5spd and thats the only ones I know of. the problems wit them i think is 1. they are both kind of expensive brand new, 2. the hurst does make throws shorter but will have more noise ad rattle without doing the hurst mod thats on the forums and even after that most seem to still have a fair amount of noise from it. the other option is the level 2 shifter which does look alot better, but it does NOT make shifts shorter like the hurst and it still does make a lilttle noise but not as much as the hurst. neither are prolly goin to be as quiet as the stock ugly one but its up to you. im my opinion the only really good situation would be to find a level 2 shifter in a junkyard but around me that isbasically never going to happen so for now im sticking to stock gay ugly one. sorry if this is alil off becus im typing from my phone, so dont quote everything word for word but im pretty sure those are your options. hope this helps Zach.
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