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Question Vacuum issues, EGR, 4x4, HVAC damper

I just bought my truck recently and I am having the same 4WD LOW light flash in the dash but no response at all from the hubs when I turn the switch. I also keep throwing an EGR code and my HVAC damper isn't working. Obviously, I have a vacuum leak of sorts. I've already combed through and replaced the vacuum lines associated with the EGR system and traced to the reservoir for the cab under the air filter into the cab. No luck. I thought that maybe there is a hose or connection etc that would notorious for failing and someone would know. Any suggestions?

I'm going to buy a vacuum gauge today to help me narrow it down. Ill let you know if I've found anything.
96 XLT, Extended Cab, 4.0 Pushrod, 4WD, 5 Speed, A/C, 195k miles, K&N cold air intake, everything else stock.
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