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Default Laundry list of questions from a new owner

Hey guys, I just posted this in Introductions when I should have posted it here. So, things I want to address with my 2005 Ranger:

Gas pedal sticks/squeaks
Starts hard on cold days (revs to 2k, holds it for a bit, is this normal?)
Driver's door hard to open (I adjusted striker plate and it helped a bit - do I need to look at hinge pins?)
Upsize tires (what's a good step up from stock?)
More traction (lockers? axle swap? better tires?)
More power (3rd gear at 40 is a bit too high-strung, 4th at 40 is lugging, what can I do to give it a bit more grunt?)
Eventually want to address the rotating mass (Centerforce clutch, lightened flywheel . . . is a short-throw shifter worth it?)
Eventually some lift (2-3in, nothing outlandish)

The truck looks great, which is a nice bonus, but I don't care about looks. I want it to perform well a lot more than I want it to look nice.

Thanks in advance.
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