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Default Re: "Unauthorized vehicles prohibited"

Originally Posted by fifthranger View Post
But, in order to get permission, he would still have to break the law by trespassing. He may find that some unsympathetic owner might want to perform target practice on him, so I'd advise that he stay the hell off land that clearly has a sign posted.
Not necessarily, one could check with the court house or the local municipality on who the owner is and where they live. From there, one could determine if getting permission without trespassing (or getting shot) is possible.

The comment about high voltage lines, gas lines, etc is a viable one and may be why the property is posted. If such a reason exists, I'm sure the property owner will say something when asked.

In the end, it's the owner's property, so showing respect even if you don't get the answer you want goes a long way. It might benefit you in the future and it certainly doesn't hurt to do so.
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