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Default Re: "Unauthorized vehicles prohibited"

Originally Posted by S13minus1 View Post
Probably a trespassing ticket. If you're offroading it can be destruction of property. Usually you'll just get told to GTFO
I wouldn't take a chance because there is a logical reason why the sign is there to begin with. I know utility companies due to high voltage and other hazards put these type of signs up "to keep people out" for safety reasons. If something were to happen, they are not liable, etc.

Originally Posted by 02BLUEdge View Post
I would imagine trespassing/criminal trespass could be an issue as well. The severity could depend on who owns the property (private company, county, state, whoever). The safe bet is probably just to obey the signs.
Exactly, and signs are posted for a reason. If it were private property, I wouldn't want individuals on my land, who can be reckless or otherwise trespass with no reason other than to cause trouble.

Originally Posted by sgtsandman View Post
Like hunting, it would be better to find out who the owner is and see if you can get permission. If they have the time. Take your time and BS for a bit. Talk about what they drive if it's there for you to see. All of that will go a long way to getting access and covering your butt. Even better, if you can get a written and signed note or letter from them stating you have permission.
But, in order to get permission, he would still have to break the law by trespassing. He may find that some unsympathetic owner might want to perform target practice on him, so I'd advise that he stay the hell off land that clearly has a sign posted.
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