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Originally Posted by Spidey2011

The first gens werent milpros. They had the plain pt's, the milleniums, and the mil pros. The mil pros were SA, but capable of DA if a round failed to fire. I believe the milleniums were DA/SA.

And having an exposed hammer in the un****ed position on a SA gun is actually fairly dangerous. Unless you have a gun with a firing pin block, the pin is actually resting on the primer, and a sharp blow to the hammer could potentially fire the weapon. This is why DA/SA guns with a de****er dont completely de**** the gun. If you look closely, the hammer is actually between de****ed amd half-****, so that it doesnt touch the pin.


If my life depended on one handgun, my Glock would be the front runner.


Also, this forum is **** blocking me.
All the ones I've seen that have an external hammer have a manual safety and many also have a grip safety. If I were to get a semi-auto with an exposed hammer, it would be one with both. They aren't cheap though...

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