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Default Re: Thinking of buying 2007 Ranger

Originally Posted by ysuboy View Post
Thank you for the input. I guess I am the most moronic person in the planet because I never pay attention to mpg of a vehicle. It is a non-issue to me. If there is reliability differences I would consider, however if its just mpg I am not too worried.

I just got off the phone with a service guy at ford he said the 3.0 engine and tranny is solid (whether he was blowing smoke up my ass is another story). He also almost confirmed the rust would be covered (said he had to see to be 100%)

I have looked through cragslist,, carmax, traderonline, ebaymotors. This seems to be the best deal by at least a grand or so. So unless anyone has any crazy horror story or some reason not to buy I think I might be buying one of these damn things tonight.
A pickup should never be about mpg, or i would have kept my car with a smaller more economical 2.2l, but more hp/torque than a 2.3l ranger.
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