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Default Re: I support the second amendment. (gun pics)

Originally Posted by Mark98xlt View Post
lol boy are you wrong they might be a cheaper gun then others but not a cheap gun on the market for sure

as for inaccurate and jamming all the time those are 2 reasons from someone who doesnt know how to shoot a polymer gun and most likely limp wristing it causing it to be inaccurate as well as jamming.
lmao this is a losing battle son, ive been shooting in IDPA for 4 years now, 2nd, 3rd, 1st, and 1st and im only 19. ive been shooting and rebuilding pistols since i was 7. i would love to go to a range with you to show u how dumb u look when u shoot a pistol. if your ever in MI hit me up and we'll go
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