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Default Re: FRF Afterhours

yea alot of people i know say im too big for my truck, but i like it lol

i was coming out of the junkyard a couple weeks ago and this ******* in a bright red charger damn near hit me because he was going 75 in a 50 and decided to change into the lane i was about to pull out into. i pulled up next to him at the light about a 1/4 mile down the street and he's your typical douchebag, windows down, music blasting, straight bill hat with a UFC shirt on. starts running his mouth, blah blah blah, and then is like ill kick your ass bitch, pull over. At this point, i laugh my ass off and agree, and we both pull over a little ways down the road and he gets out of his charger, and i sit in my truck till he was near my hood, then get out and then he realised what a mistake he made.

long story short, he attempted to book it back to his car and i got ahold of him and decked his ass and gave him a shot to the ribs with my steel toe boots. i considered taking my 1/2 breaker bar and smashing a window, but that would be a criminal charge i dont need.