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Smile Re: 1999 Ranger New clutch, not able to shift gears still?

Originally Posted by 94mtx View Post

Also, you probably have a huge air bubble where the plunger sits in the master cylinder. You can remove the plunger to let fluid flow out and put it back in to get rid of the air bubble. Possibility, but I would say you definitely have air in your lines.

Check your clutch master cylinder level and your trans fluid level.

If you didn't replace the slave cylinder, you might as well remove everything and replace it now.
We have replaced the slave cylinder not too extremely long ago so I don't think it's that, but you say you can pull the push rod back out of the master cylinder after you initially put it in?

Also, I didn't watch when he put the clutch in, but I'm pretty sure he's not air-headed enough to put it in backwards... Wouldn't that be fairly obvious? lol

Thank you so much for all of your replies! =)
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