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Default Re: First speeding ticket

It's how they are calibrated from factory.... I've been in many fords, and all are the exact same way. Speedo speed vs GPS speed. Fords are 3-5 MPH fast. As are a few other random vehicles I've compare it to
A thought occurred and maybe it is the rounding due to the difference in miles vs. kilometers, for example 1 m = 1.6 km.

I can attest to this. every day on my college campus i drive by the reader boards that tell your speed and sure enough, it looks like im doing 27-28 on my speedo but it tells me 25 on the board
How do you know that the radar gun inside those curbside "info-traps" are correct? I have driven a lot of Ford's but other brands also, and I've never ran into an issue with speed. Nor is it common knowledge that "Ford's have issues with speedometers".
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