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Default Re: First speeding ticket

guys, all fords speedo's show faster than you are going. its how they come from factory. 3-5 over.
I've heard that rarely are speedometers dead on but to make a generalization that "all ford's show faster", I find hard to believe -- especially 3 - 5 mph.

Edit: I checked into this and found an article that was very helpful, and two points I found interesting. The first is that by law speedometers set at 50 mph can not be off by more than 5 mph in either direction. The second is that Car and Driver Magazine did a study of 200 cars, and what they found at 70 mph was that the speedometers were off in favor of the drivers (meaning the speed was actually slower than the speedometer read and not faster) and off by only 1.37 mph. The article can be seen at

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