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Default 4.0 SOHC Replacement Plug Part Numbers

Before I get flamed...I have used the search button. Over 10 hours on here, other forums, and Google in general has left me beating my head against the desk.

What the hell is the replacement Motorcraft spark plug number to fit a 2009 Ranger 4.0 SOHC? The stock plug is Motorcraft SP-412 which is a Nickel plug - I may end up just reusing this if cannot find a better answer.

Things I know:
Waste Spark firing system- half fire up, half fire down. Single platinum is not the best option because have to reverse half the plugs (my understanding after reading several posts).

No auto store or Motorcraft have double plat plugs listed for my model year truck. But if I research a different year 4.0 then double plats are listed.

The OEM plug is a Motorcraft sp-412
Supposedly the SP-498 is a single platinum finewire that works to replace the stock nickel plug. But double plat is better as mentioned above.
Autolite AP5143 is a single plat cross referenced plug to the sp-412.

The 2009 2.3 engine has Autolite Double plat and Extreme performance plugs listed (Autolite pn XP104 and APP104).

The 2004 4.0 SOHC has Autolite XP5144 and APP5144 plus listed.

I would like to get the double platinum finewire plug, but cannot find a clear answer to the exact part to order. I only want Autolite or Motorcraft (I know they are basically the same) and needs plugs and wires. If I cannot come up with a definitve answer to what 'upgraded' plugs will fit correctly then I will continue using the OEM part number of sp-412.

Sorry for any confusion here, but multiple posts have left me confused and it seems that auto stores and possibly even Ford are confused on the compatible plugs for the 4.0. There are different length plugs for the SOHC and the OHV...
Thanks to any helpful insight!!


By the way...I have looked up my truck on the Ford Parts website using my VIN and also called the dealership. I have not pulled a plug from my truck to verify the sp-412 part number, but all evidence points to it being the installed model plug based on conversation with Ford/truck manual/online research.
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