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Originally Posted by TXJack View Post
It looks awesome on your truck.
Thanks! The low profile is nice, and it has a nice form-follows-function look.

Sorry to hear about the leaks. Hopefully it's something you can solve with some sealing.
Yeah, me too - now I just have to find the time to troubleshoot it

How are you liking the function of it so far after some use?
Other than the leaks, it's great! Easy to use, quality feel, and secure. I've used it fully open and fully closed - I need to get some bungee cords to use it partially open. Turns out the manufacturer doesn't recommend you stand on the top side like I did, but rather flip up at least one panel and stand on the now up-facing bottom side (though I don't really see myself standing on it much, if at all.) This is both for added strength and to avoid damaging the top side finish, though I didn't hurt mine any. I'm just glad my hunch was right - I've used my bed twice since I got the BakFlip for loads that wouldn't have fit under a shell, and one of those times, I was away from home and would've had nowhere to stash a shell even if it had been removed.

I was looking at the TruXedo deuce yesterday. The cab flip portion of it is awesome, it would be so useful for me. I just wish it was possible to scaffold with it. But roll up covers would crash and burn if you did that, lol. Unless you put something in your bed to stand on. But thats a added inconvenience. I really like how functional it is, but not crazy about roll up cover looks..
That looks pretty nice - I had ruled out soft covers because I wanted more security, but at least that one could prevent casual theft since it latches (assuming you get a tailgate lock.) It would certainly be better for your rear visibility issue.

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